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All the projects mentioned in this article have been undertaken exclusively for the purposes of my creative self-expression. No commercial goals have been pursued. You may, if you so wish, publish these texts on your own site but I would expect you to mention the author's name and provide a link to the original article. I would appreciate a short notice concerning your intention as well...I thank you in advance..
Battleship. Death from the depth (VB)

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"A Sea Battle" - sweet nostalgic memories, almost everyone's favourite childhood game -to the extent of sometimes getting fed up with it!  Yet, this version is unlike everythinhg you have ever seen: it allows you to play the game exactly the way you wish to.

1) You are not limited by the existing rules anymore - because the rules themselves are subject to change. Moreover, they can be altered to suit everyone's particular preferences.

2) You can change everything: from the size of the playfield and the number of battleships to the basic rules of exchanging fire.

3) The game has 3 standard sets of rules that should help you to familiarize yourself with the basic settings and speed up the necessary preparations 

4) You can play against either a human -being or a computer. If you are afraid of your human partner cheating by peeking in while you are positioning your ships, you may ask your computer to do the job for you. It will be done so efficiently that even you yourself will have no idea where your ships are!

5) There is no need to turn away from the screen while passing the turn to your opponent - the computer will display no ship locations.

6) The current player's name and task will be displayed at the bottom of the screen during the whole game.

7) The settings screen is somewhat overloaded, and that can be an issue with some players. Yet, it takes only a couple of games to get used to the fact and forget about it.

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Battleship. One-on-One (Director 8.5) (On-Line) (Download 2.38MB) Play On-Line version Download  Off-Line version (2.38MB)
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"A Battleship Against a Submarine" - a rather simple game for two players, each taking a side. The goal of the game is to hit the foe as many times as possible.If you feel that the game is too easy or too tiring for you, you can always regulate the firepower of either warship to suit your own level of skills.

If you register for the On-Line version of the game for the first time, you might have to install a Micromedia plug-in. While downloading it, you would be wise to claim that you are under 13-years-old - you will be spared further questions. All windows should be closed during the installation.

Unfortunately, no more than two players can participate in the game at the same time

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The Matrix (VB) (RUS only) Go to page (Russian only) Download (221KB)
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This is a simple logical game based on a famous movie. The goal of the game is to score more points than your opponent.

You can choose either a human-being or a computer as your opponent

The game has two levels of difficulty

The size of the playfield can vary from 4x4 up to 8x8 (the larger the field, the more it is possible for you to rely on your own skills rather than a lucky chance).

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A Little Pond on the 18th Floor Читать

A pond with golden fish and water plantsmurmur of waterbamboo whispering on the beach
Even I find it a bit unnatural, to experience all that on the 18th floor of a rank-and-file multistoried building. But maybe I'll get used to it one day


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A House for the Cat Read
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My house has recently been blessed with a restless, playful fluffy (though short- haired) pet. A cat, as a fully-recognized family member, is entitled to her own "me" space where she could satisfy her need for jumping and climbing, playing and clawing. A cat with hir own entertainment centre is a happier being, while her owners have every reason to worry less about their property! This article deals with building such a centre.


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A Toy for the Cat Read
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One of cats' favourite pastime is hunting a prey that is hiding in a hole. Drilling holes in a wall would be an overkill, but making a "crazy cat" toy would be a great alternative, and this article provides a necessary information for making such a toy with only common, always at-hand materials.


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"A Mouse Under the Sofa" Read
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Every cat owner knows that a feline pet has no rivals in driving mice, balls and even pieces of paper under cupboards and sofas. Unfortunately, they are less efficient when it comes to sweeping all that stuff out of there. And if we only could affix a "mouse" under a sofa on purpose...


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A Bed for the Cat Read
Enlarge the picture Doesn't every living creature dream of healthy sleep in a comfortable, cosy bedroom without draughts?  And aren't cats living souls just like everyone else?! They surely are!

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P.S. For those who have some spare time and speak foreign languages which these articles haven't yet been translated to : I would be very grateful if you could do the translations. Besides, if you find errors in the articles, do me a favour by helping me to get rid of them.

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